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Most of my plants are doing well

Except for this one. Is all hope lost? First time gardener here
I removed the two lower leaves/branches in case I had something that spreads, but looks like the upper are having issues now too. I sometimes worry I water too much...I just added some fertilizer yesterday since I haven't really done that since I planted.

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Re: Most of my plants are doing well

Sorry, you didn't get a response to this quicker. I don't think it is a disease. I expect it is over-watering and/or lack of nutrients. Those go together, because lots of watering/ rain tends to wash the nutrients through the soil and water-logging can make it difficult for the plant to take up nutrients.

So fertilizing was a good thing to do. If you are having rain every day like me, it is hard to manage the over-watering part.

Keep us posted if it gets better with what you did! :)
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