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Bonsai Matt's

Bonsai matt's wild cherry clone probably due to poor soil and small container.
Plant is the same size as when I cloned it when it had blossoms back in august.
I left it outside for the bees to pollinate and brought it in once it had green tomatoes.
16oz plastic cup I use in the cloning technique,which is colored but you can still see into it.
In this case I used the black sectioned tray normally used for starting seeds.
Tomatoes are the size of peanut M&M's and are delicious but a pain to pick.
The plants grow "wild" in my garden every year and usually pop out of the ground mid june in my zone.I did save seeds for next year to plant,just popped the whole tomatoes into the freezer.
Growing wild the plants will be over 6 feet tall and are extremely disease resistant.It is the last type plant in the garden when the frost hits.Should be an excellent root source for grafting.

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