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Growing tomatoes from fresh...Part two

Some of you may have read my thread about growing a tomato plant, from a freshly sliced part of a tomato which you get from the stores. I was asked in that thread, to give updates about it, as I was preparing to give that experiment a try.
After planting the seed on Saturday, three days later, I was amazed to see this little thing. I have never ever known a tomato plant to start as quickly as this. Any ideas? I would also welcome some advice regarding continuous care of this little thing, especially watering.
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Re: Growing tomatoes from fresh...Part two

At least from your blurry pic, it is too early to tell if that even is a tomato. Every time you disturb the soil, the first thing you get is weeds. In perfect conditions, tomatoes can sprout in 3 days, but I wouldn't have expected your tomato slice to. If it is the seeds from the slice, I would expect more than one sprout, but seeds never all sprout at the same time. Wait until it opens up some leaves.

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