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Welcome to the Tomato Photo & Videos Forum - Please Read

Welcome to the Tomato Photos and Videos forum. This is a forum for sharing about the progress of your tomato garden. :)

A note about YouTube videos. YouTube gives you two ways to share a video. The easiest way is to grab the link from below the area, displayed when you click on the word, SHARE. The link look it asks you to copy looks like this

Code: Select all
In order to make that display as a video just highlight it with your cursor and click the button labeled youtuDOTbe. You should then have code that looks like this:

Code: Select all

The other way is a little trickier and you are best off grabbing the link from the SHARE button.

Please don't promote. This is not the place to ask people to vote for you, it is not the place to link to your video channel, it is not the place to ask members to subscribe. This forum is for sharing and discussing. ;)



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