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Designing a small vertical plant hanger

Hi .....I'm brand new and this is my first post. (Except for intro)

I inherited Half of a wood palette and was thinking perhaps somehow
I could hang pots from it to put flowers in. We have a HUGE rabbit
population right in the middle of town and this year must get most
flowers off the ground. Not sure how to build this. Any ideas ?

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Re: Designing a small vertical plant hanger

Some people make a planter WITH pallets. I’ve always wanted to try it but have nowhere to hang something like this. I’ve been thinking about replacing a privacy fence at the end of the patio with something like this so have been doing a lot of research.

You line it with landscape cloth and fill with moistened potting mix, then plant in the gaps between slats while the pallet is flat on the ground, then stand it up and hang. If it’s a HALF, then maybe you could plant along the top as well?

-before filling and planting- Sand and stain or paint first and figure out how and where it will be hung and attach hardware, keeping in mind it will get heavy.

It will dry out easily and need to be watered frequently. So choose your plants carefully. This type of vertical wall garden tends to stay more moist near the bottom vs. getting nearly dried out at the top, so plant with drought tolerant at the top, moisture tolerant at the bottom. The surface you hang it against must be moisture tolerant.
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