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Finding the right plant

We are doing our landscaping finally and purchased a few plants I thought would go together. My wife thinks they clash and so I was wanting to find a plant that brought them all together.

The front of my house is where I am landscaping. In the middle is where I want to put the 2 plants (same plant, just 2 of them). They will be the entrance to my door so I wasn't something that brings everything I'm planning together, something that isn't too tall (3 or so foot tall).

I'm planting Carmel Coral Bell in front of a Japanese Painted Fern. Those are really going to be what people see but then the smaller plants are different colored day lilies along with hostas.

My wife says that the Bell and Fern are too much of a fall color and that the other flowers would stand out to much. I need something that will help here.

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Re: Finding the right plant

It would really help to see a picture of the area you are talking about.
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