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Geranium Maderense

I went to the nursery last Saturday. This particular nursery isn't far from my home, and I go to this one just to "recharge my batteries." Their prices are much higher than other places, but the atmosphere is a gardener's dream. There are pathways, fountains, music, a creek and pond, and a little wooden bridge that leads to a big barn made into a gift shop.

Anyway, I bought several things, and the lady there threw in a plant for free. They'd just been potted up from the parent plant a couple weeks prior, so she sent it home with me. It's a Geranium Maderense. They have many mature ones there growing around the barn, and I guess it's a perennial, but when it blooms, it's a showstopper.

Has anyone tried this plant? If so, what are the light conditions required and do you do anything special to it? I love the fern-like foliage, and the flower clusters are huge! I can't wait to see it bloom.

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Yes please make sure you post pictures when it does. :D
I have only come across it once in a garden here so do not know much about it but here is some reliable info on care.

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