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Is it too late to plant seeds?

I bought some seeds for annuals but haven't planted them yet. Do you think it's too late to plant them now that it's the middle of May? I am way beyond the danger of frost stage.

nasturtiums & snapdragons

I will save them for next year if it's too late.
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Re: Is it too late to plant seeds?

Don't think it's too late for nasturtiums -- I just saw some volunteers at seedleaf stage outside and was thinking I'm going to sow some more.

Snapdragons if I remember correctly grow so quickly so probably still not late.... at least I THINK I'm thinking of snapdragons... or am I thinking of balsams.... hmmm
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Re: Is it too late to plant seeds?

Plant the snapdragons now and you'll have flowers well past your first fall frost. The mature plants can handle quite a bit of chilly weather. They may even survive your winter and bloom again next spring.

One year hubby and I visited Alaska in October. Despite the cool temps those nasturtiums were happily blooming. They looked better than mine ever have.

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Re: Is it too late to plant seeds?

It's either a bit late for them or a bit early. Both of those are plants that prefer cool weather and tend to melt away when it is really hot. You might be able to get away with it being in Washington State, where I think your summers are pretty mild. (But I guess that depends on whether you are in coastal Washington or desert Washington). If your area has really hot summers at this point you would be better off to wait a little while and plant the seeds say in August, so by the time the seeds are well sprouted, it will be starting to cool off a bit. With mild winter, your plants might make it all the way through winter and into spring.
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