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New Critters in Garden Land?

We live in South Florida on the East Coast. My wife keeps her flowers growing in our enclosed pool patio and we're now getting ready to build a frame for this year's veggies. We also got to "celebrate" this past winter, when a pineapple crown we planted nearly 10 years ago, and which has grown "killer" leaves, finally flowered its first fruit. It continues to grow and its stalk is sturdy so we will let it grow as long as possible.

The other picture I've included is the feces on a new creature in our covered pool enclosure. We use the same excellent screen repair person company, since the grandfather owned it when came down here. The current owner fixed every tear, sag, etc. so there are no birds flying in.

If you have any idea which creature might be dropping this feces, please let me know.

Hope you all have an enjoyable Spring holiday season!

Blooming Pineapple Plant.JPG
Creature Feces.JPG

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Re: New Critters in Garden Land?

How big are those feces? I'm seeing similarities in general shape and appearance to ones left on my plants by a stow-away grey tree frog that spent the winter in our house....

...your pineapple plant looks great! My plants needs to spend about 7 months of the year in the house and I have one flowering for the first time this year, but my plant is WAY wimpy looking compared to yours. I don't expect my fruit to turn out very big -- thrilled never-the-less -- but I think yours will be more full-sized. :-()

I never knew pineapple flower inflorescence looks so beautiful though :D
Subject: Is this pineapple going to be big enough to bloom next year?
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