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Paint it or Leave it?


Can any offer any ideas what to do with the large dull grey wall on my rooftop? I plan on cleaning the current paint off it next week.It is far too big to paint completely so I am considering maybe a sunset (using a layer of blue paint and a semi-circle of orange. Alternatively, I am also thinking about getting some art stencils online and adding them. This will be done under a budget so any ideas will be helpful.



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I like the idea of the stencils. If it were my wall, I might approach the art teacher at the local high school or vo-tech and ask for recommendations for a budding young art student to paint something on your wall. (What artist doesn't love a big, blank wall?) Figure out what your budget is for paint and add a little for their time and talent.

You could also do big, boldly-colored geometric shapes, too. That would be fun.

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Sounds interesting! Would love the idea of using some art stencils, I think that would be looks great for walls on your rooftop as well as considering the art stencils big.

Would love to see the result soon.

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This sounds like a fun project! Told2be has a good idea -- if you can do this yourself, you could find an image you like, put gridlines on it, then try transferring a scaled image onto the wall using a bigger grid guidelines -- maybe practice the technique on large papers first. Another often used technique is to project the image onto the wall and trace....

Finding talented student(s) that might do the job for you is great suggestion, too. Maybe the teacher could tie it into their curriculum work (spring semester project, etc.).

If you can add three dimensionality, tile/mosaic accents -- within the image, frame border, or even just a baseline -- might be fun, too. I think there must be sources to get free or dirt cheap excess/remaining tiles.

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It reminds me of a whaling wall. Wyland paints whales on large walls and sells the prints. I watched him paint a wall accross from where I worked. It was beautiful. ... land_walls

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Not a whale but . . .
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