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winter care of bulbs

I'm planting bulbs this week and I've read that I should apply mulch on top of them to protect them from the winter freezing temps (I'm in Massachusetts). Then it says to remove mulch in the spring. On one site it said not to mulch on top of smaller bulbs at all. Here is what I'm planting: hardy cyclamen, grape hyacinths, snowdrops. Any advice for these bulbs?
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Re: winter care of bulbs

Grape hyacinth and snowdrops do just fine in the garden/yard with no mulch at all. Ours thrive and spread, almost to the point of being invasive. But since they flower for such a short period then go dormant about the time the grass needs to be mowed I don't bother trying to restrict them to the actual gardens.

I don't know about the cyclamen. I've never grown that.

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