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How do you propagate budleia

I got a budleia plant and I want to propagate it, but was told it was hard. Does anyone done this? My plant has two branches and one is over 5 ft long with about 1/2 inch stem. New shoots are coming off of it, should I take young shoots or cuttingf of older growth?
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Re: How do you propagate budleia

My budleia tend to self-seed here and there, but then that's not going to be where you really want the shrub, right? Looks like you can propagate from soft-wood cuttings, so the new shoots should work fine. Just do the usual: snip them off and remove lower leaves. Dip ends in rooting hormone if you like, place in moist soil in a pot. I have not tried this but I think it should work. The earlier in the season, the better. Let us know if you have any luck!

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