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Orchid growing a new plant on a flower stalk

one of my phalaenopsis has a flower stalk about 14 inches long. Halfway up that is a branch which will bear flowers, but at the tip there are leaves and it looks like a new plant will grow there.
What should I do?

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They do that sometimes. I've left mine on the stalk, misting/giving more humidity until aerial roots started to grow and the stalk started falling over, then pinned it down in a 2nd small pot containing mixture of orchid bark, potting mix and sphagnum moss to root. After it was established and a vigorous new leaf started to grow, I clipped the baby off of the mother plant and trimmed the stalk at the base. I believe the mother plant needed time to recover and may not have bloomed as well that same year, though.

It's a fun way to get additional plants. :D

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Sometimes orchidist will use node paste to grow aerial keikis. When was the orchid repotted last? Orchids should be repotted every two years or so to freshen the media and prevent rot.

The most common reason that orchids throw out aerial keikis is because the roots are rotting and the media is sour.

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