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Help needed - low maintenance ideas for large garden

Hi all, I'm looking for some advice on how best to make this garden as low maintenence as possible. It's 8000m2 and currently 95% grass and also has a lake (photo on the link below). It's currently totally overgrown with weeds and brambles so the local farmer is going to come in and top the whole thing so we literally have a blank canvas.

It's going to be just a holiday home for the next few years so weekly mowing isn't really an option. We will be having someone to come in and mow the grass but I'm looking at options to make it as low maintenance as possible.

Currently researching making the bottom part of the garden a flower meadow?

All ideas and thoughts welcome.

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There are some earlier posts about lawn alternatives. I like the meadow lawn idea. I am thinking about replacing a small section of my lawn, smaller than yours, with Dutch White Clover. This should work for me because the area to receive it does not get much foot traffic. I am also considering a lawn meadow seed product called Fleur-de-Lawn. Information about thus product is in the Sept 9 2015 lawn alternative thread.

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