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How to grow marigold from seeds

Hi Team,

I am based out from India. The weather here currently is moderately warm with temperatures between 80 to 95 degree F.

I have sown marigold seeds today in a medium sized cement pot. Its filled with coco coir + vermicompost + soil.

I have sprinkled the seeds and covered it with compost, watered the top using a sprayer.

The question I have is:

1. How much should I water the seeds for better germination.
2. How often should I water them for better germination.

Please guide me for these two questions as I have already failed in my earlier attempts twice :(

Somehow the youtube videos where people show its very easy to grow marigold, does not seem to work for me.

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Re: How to grow marigold from seeds

The general rule of thumb with seed germination is to keep the soil damp without letting dry out for any length of time. When germinating seed in a pot I generally water until the top 3- 5 cm of soil is wet. That way it dries out a little more slowly. When it is over 80 you will have to water more often and deeper, probably everyday and early morning tends to be the best time. Keep the soil moist like this until the seeds are well germinated. If you can provide a little afternoon shade it might aid in the process.

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