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Garden help on front bed (zone 5)

As I stare at dirt I am at a loss on what to plant, idea for a newbie??! :)

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Hi and welcome to the Forum! It helps that you said zone 5, but there's a lot of climate variations within that re length of growing season, amount of rainfall, etc. It would help to say more about where you are/ what your climate is like.

The other thing we really need to know to make plant suggestions is sun exposure. What direction does the porch face? How many hours of sun does it typical get in growing season? It looks quite shaded in the photo. Is it shady like that a lot of the day?

Finally do you have much experience gardening? Are you looking for the most low maintenance kind of plants?

The better information you can give us, the better help we can be..

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Second RGB's questions....

It looks like you have a western exposure on the planting bed. Guessing from the shadows the front of the bed gets more sun than the back of the bed. So I'm estimating from about Noon to sunset in the front and maybe only from 3pm to sunset in the back half???? :?

So I'm thinking something tall and green in the back with some nice flowering stuff towards the front. But can give some thought once we get the specifics.

In addition to the questions RBG asked, maybe you could update your profile with your Zone and State location to help in future posts.

Looking forward to hearing more from you. :)

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