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Hibiscus help

Hello all, my brand new hibiscus has yellow, mottled leaves and these things on some of the leaves. Are they spider mites - or something else? - and is that what is causing the yellowing? Afraid the problem will spread to other plants if I don't find a fast cure. Any advice would be appreciated!

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While I can't I.d. your bugs, they're definitely not Spider Mites. I would suggest that since it's obvious the plant is inside that for the time being you simply rinse the bugs off in the sink.

I'm hoping that this is a plant that's slated to be planted outdoors? Because not only are Hibiscus outdoor plants, but the pot it's in at the moment is WAY too small for it, which won't help it being able to fight off any pests or diseases, plus it's starting to look a bit spindly - a sign of too little light.

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