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Cow manure and miracle gro for periwinkle to spread ?

Will putting down cow manure next to periwinkle plants, cause the periwinkle to spread? Possibly if I bought some miracle gro plant food and sprayed that on the area where there is periwinkle 2x's a week, that might make it spread faster and better ? I just don't see where people are saying that it (periwinkle) is such an "invasive and agressive " plant I am watering a lot this spring because no rain, and it is like summer like weather, so I am hoping that this will "push the periwinkle along" to spread.

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Periwinkle doesn't need much except some well drained soil and a little fertilizer. You can use the miracle grow to get the current plants bigger, but they spread mostly by seeds. So just get them to bloom and the rest will happen.

If you really want to spread them faster, you can get more plants or take cuttings and plant them closer together. I still would not plant them closer than 18 inches because each plant can bush out that far.

I think you really only need to have some patience.

Mulch between the plants to keep the weeds down.

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