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Good annual flowering ground cover plants?

I'm looking for a annual flowering ground cover plant to add into my flower garden to fill in spaces between all of my perennial plants.

Any ideas?

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Hi gohootergo,

Let me be the first to share my ideas here. One of my personal favourites for filling gaps is definitely the Alyssum - I've seen them in different colours from white and green to purple and even red, including many stunning variations of these. That means you can choose whatever fits your garden landscape best. Also see Moss rose and Purslane - they look amazing for me and you might like them too.

Other beautiful annual ground covers I myself like: Lobelia, Verbena, Periwinkle, Nolana, Cineraria. Most of these are fairly popular among gardeners and landscapers, so I guess they won't be difficult to find. More options would be Petunias and Tropaeolum - some call it Nasturtium but it's really the same plant anyway. Not sure if these two are suitable for your area though - Snoopea and Poached Egg flower.

If it's a rather shady area that you need covered, then I recommend you to try Hardy begonia or Corydalis if you're looking for more interesting colours. Oh, and if some of the flowers mentioned don't sound familiar, just google them - that would be a great way to see how different varieties and colours look, too. Hope this helps and good luck!

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Yeah, hard to make suggestions without knowing how much sun your area gets.

Size and color preferences if any would help also. But for a low ground cover for a reasonably sunny area, if you like brilliant color, sallie's suggestion of moss roses is a good one. They come in a whole rainbow of brilliant colors and spread pretty quickly.

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Portulaca (aka Moss Rose) is one of my favorites as well. With its fleshy little leaves, it withstands heat & somewhat dry conditions well, & it reseeds relatively reliably. Also, while it will fill in sunny spaces, it isn't vining, so won't end up strangling its neighbors.

Keep in mind that the older types will only open their blooms on sunny days; blooms remain closed at night & when skies are overcast. There are, however, newer varieties where the blossoms remain open all the time, so if this is a factor for you, do some research before buying plants &/or seeds.

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