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Yellowing Orchid Leaf?

I'm back with more orchid problems! Lol.

Anyways, I repotted this orchid a couple months ago because the roots were rotting. I've been fertilizing it with something specifically for root and leaf growth. It has been doing neither better nor worse since then, but all of a sudden in the last week, the leaves are wrinkling and turning yellow. I didn't change anything. Can I help it?
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Re: Yellowing Orchid Leaf?

What did you pot it in? It looks like the roots are still dead?

It is hard to save orchids without roots but they die slowly so you can give it another try.

take the plant out of the pot again. I hate plastic pots anyway. Wash off any soil remaining and see if you have any more dead roots.

If there are any black or soft roots cut them off with a sanitized scissor, shear or utility blade. Hopefully there will be still some firm roots left.

If the crown is still firm there may still be a chance, but it will take a long time.

Do not repot the phalaenopsis. tie it to an empty basket or plank, or piece of cork. Put a little bit of moist sphagnum moss under the base of the plant. It should be secured so that it cannot move. Nylon stocking work good for that. It is flexible, stretches and doesn't hold on to a lot of water. Hydroponic net pots work well. Use a pot sized to barely accommodate the roots. Do not over pot.

You will lose the leaf, but hold on to it as long as you can. Mist the sphagnum to keep it moist but never dries out.
Initially water it well but try not to water again for at least 7 days to give the roots a chance to heal. They will continue to rot if they are too wet.

If the plant has any life left in it, it will try to send out new roots within a month. They should be white. If the roots appear use 1/4 strength miracle grow and add it to the misting water and mist the roots until they turn a greenish color which is normal for healthy roots. Don't water again until the roots start to be firm white again.

If the crown does not rot and the roots regrow, new leaves can regrow again even if they fall off. Make sure no water sits in the crown, tip it after watering to make sure.

Phalaenopsis can do photosynthesis through their roots so having them exposed to light helps them.

Phalaenopsis normally grows on tree branches often sideways and upside down with their roots clinging to the bark and hanging in the air. It is not normal for the roots to be buried in dirt or media. It is a low light orchid that likes 70% shade.

Sometimes the orchid is too far gone, and it cannot be saved.

If you have another one this is what you do
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