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Dahlias Help

I will be receiving 19 dahlias tubers in april. Ranging from 4" to 8" flowers when mature. Id like to keep them close together. Is 8' x 16' too big or 8' x 8'. Not all in a straight row but more bunched together.

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You are right, definitely don't plant a straight line.

How far apart to plant them, depends on the size of the plant and dahlias vary considerably in size. The size that matters is not the flower size, but the plant height. One guideline says plant them 1/3 to 1/2 of their mature height (the package should tell you) apart.

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Christian1971, I think you asked good questions and got a good answer.

I plant dahlias, standard size plants, at about 30 per 100 square feet. That's a little crowded but a compromise when choosing which tubers will be used in the spring.

Your 8' by 8' bed seems a little crowded by those standards. 8' by 16' is probably more than they need. Plan on an expansion next year.


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