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bugs are eating my marigolds

I live in Florida and I am growing marigolds in large pots. They get direct sun most of the day. But some sort of bug is eating them! The bugs appear to be black and orange, about a quarter inch in length. Also, there are lots of very small (like the head of a pin) white bugs that are residing inside the individual flowers. Is there anything I can do or anything I can spray my marigolds with that will get rid of these bugs?

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The black and orange bug you talk about, is it a beetle??
Carbaryl and Baythroil are good contact sprays. Shield and Confidor are effective systemic sprays.
Carbaryl will kill bugs and beetles.

The white pin head sized thing sounds like it could be white fly. In which case, Target is one of the best controls for white fly. Mavrik is an excellent alternative for flowering and fruiting plants.

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N.Z. likes to nuke 'em until they glow... :P

Red and black sounds a lot like the lily beetle that has been ravaging New England, but I couldn't hazard a guess as to Florida...

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