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Starting out

I haven't started anything yet; it's just something I want to get into. I have no idea where to start at all... I want to star this in a raised bed. Does anyone have any good ideas on good household items that would be good to transform into a cute bed??

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Not quite sure I'm getting the idea. You are looking to recycle stuff into planters?

I have seen people planting into things like tin tubs, old steel drums etc:

Image ... 667806.jpg

(this one is galvanized so it won't rust)

but frankly most of that stuff does not count as "household items" in my house and is expensive to buy. And unless you have really a good design eye, planting in old junk can end up looking ... junky.

I think you are better off just making a conventional raised bed, with brick, stone, wood (I used pine fence posts and they are cheap), etc. Concrete landscaping blocks come in lots of different sizes, shapes, colors and are not very expensive. They can be laid in all kinds of shapes.

https://wichitawiserly.files.wordpress.c ... g_wall.jpg

this one is not a beginner project :) but just to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. You can make them small too.

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