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Help , bugs eating my flowers

There is this certain bug keeps eating on my flowers , and also the leaves . I don't know what you call this kind of bugs , it is light brown , it looks like beetles , it only comes out at night time . It eats my flowers , the buds and also the leaves .

I was wondering , if anybody can help me identify with this , or if anybody have any idea what should I use to kill these kind of bugs . They are all over my garden and it's killing my flowers .. :( help

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Hi jay :D

Firstly check this site
When you know what it is then maybe we can help with how to control it.

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Could it be Japanese Beetles? Check this article at the link below and see if it describes your problem. Or, go out to your garden at night, capture one of the beasties and bring it to your local nursery for identification and treatment.

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