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when will my adenium bloom?

my adenium is not blooming yet.after pruning new buds came quite quickly and grew well.they are now about four months question is why is my adenium not blooming yet?I kept it in direct sunlight.did I do anything wrong in pruning it?it was leggy and long with only two branches.I fed it once last month and it is doing well....but not blooming.can I do anything to encourage blooming?

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These plants are extremely hard to get conditions just right, not only for flowering, but growing....

I had them for 2 years, they never did flower, yet others on this site get them to grow wonderfully.
Hopefully they will come on a give you some suggestions?

Good Luck. :D

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You are having fun resurrecting a bunch of old posts! This is another person who made a few posts in June and July then never came back. Who knows, if they have notifications set to tell them they got responses, maybe they will come back now! :)

I think some of these posts from this past summer that never got responses were from when the site went down for some weeks with a virus. By the time it came back up, the old ones were already a long time ago and there was a bunch of new stuff coming in. So some people got missed in there.

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