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Canna (Lilly) Pictures and Explantion.


Canna Lily Bed. 10 July 2006 Canna Lily Bed. This is the first bloom in Zone 5. The plants were started in pots about February 2006, and transplanted in the bed on 15 May 2006. Some tubulars were given to me, so the flowering types will be a suprise to some degree. There are about 25 plants. We had rain last night, which is sorely needed. May we have a lot more today!

21 July 2006. Canna Lily bed update. It rained yesterday so all is well.

30 July 2006 Canna Lily Bed. More blooms daily.

14 August 2006 Update. Some plants are about 12 feet tall.

For over-wintering in Zone 5. I cut the vegetation off at ground level in October,and covered with about a foot of straw and covered with an old tarp. I won't know until about June whether they survived or not. The tubulars are very large and difficult to store in limited space. Apparently, people have over-wintered in my area in sheltered spots by covering with leaves, so I took the chance.


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