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Advice on raised bed construction and on a partial shade flo

Along the side of our townhouse I want to build a raised bed tier (there is a pretty good slope. I am having trouble finding wood to make it with though. I imagine there will be a lot of flowers, but I also want som food vegetables - so am not comfortable using treated wood. Does anyone have any ideas - or if in my region (Maryland) know where supplies can be purchased?

Also, I have a more than half shade spot along the front of the house, probably 12'x5' that I am trying to get a nice collection of color (season long) for, ideas?

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Lowe's or HD carry 4X4 which are treated but shouldn't interfere with vegeys except maybe rooted ones. Drill holes in the first layer and insert rebar then get their 12" spikes for more layers.

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You could always go with stone too. Another option, and a pretty cost-effective route is to find a person/business/farm that would like to get rid of some scraggly Locust trees. Cutting the limbs/trunk into 3-3 1/2' sections and inserting them into the ground side-by-side.(post-style) makes a very long-lasting and attractive tiered system. You can either stagger the tops or cut them all flush.

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For the part sun flower bed:

a three season flower bed starts with spring bulbs for earliest flowers - lily of the valley, crocus, bluebells, snow drops.

For spring - hellebores (Lenten rose), coral bells, columbine, bleeding heart, some iris can handle part sun, daffodils

Tons of choices for summer flowers - monkshood, bellflower, coreopsis, foxgloves, daylilies (come in a million brilliant or deep colors and color combinations, super easy), penstemon, sundrops, beebalm, oriental lilies (very fragrant).

Summer flowers that will keep blooming into fall - anise hyssop, corydalis, joe pye weed, obedient plant, perennial salvia, coneflowers, phlox, goldenrod, black eyed susan.

All of these should do well in your part sun area. All are perennials and should be hardy for you and pretty easy care. For a 12x5 area, of course you will have to pick just a few, but you can crowd them a bit... the spring bulbs will disappear by the time the later stuff is coming on.

Have fun!
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