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Need a good tiller

What do people recommend for a tiller? I don't want a really big one. The smaller ones I've seen at sears or Home Depot all look like they would simply do the same thing. Suggestion? My garden isn't tiny, but not huge by any standard.

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there are front tine and there are rear tine tillers

some of the rear tine tiller counter rotate (against the direction of travel) some rotate in the same direction as travel.

most / all? rear tine types have powered drive wheels.

the "gold standard" is rear tine, counter rotating.

they are all priced accordingly . . .

after years of struggling with a Sears front tine I broke down and bought the small Troy-Built rear tine; it's not counter rotating, but once the ground is broken up (ie past the sod busting part) it does the job without the yanking pulling and running away of a front tine.

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Check your local Craig's list for something used if possible. I've seen many of them on E-bay, but none of the sellers ship due to size.

I now have a used Sears 5HP front tine tiller I got used about 4 years ago for $125 and it works just fine for my garden. My plot consists of 5 rows 45 ft. long and a couple of side beds in the 20 ft. length near fencing. I would not want to break new ground with this tiller though. It would work you to death getting through tough sod and heavy soil.

My first tiller was a used 8HP TroyBilt I got for $400. That was a great deal since it had forward and reverse drive gearing and was a rear tine counter rotating tiller. It cut ground very easily. Too bad I lost it to Katrina's flood waters in 05 or I'd still have it. To replace that with a new tiller would be close to $3,000 now---------too rich for my blood.

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