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Proper Indoor Gargen Design for Grasses/Sod


I am an artist attending the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD. Right now I am working on my thesis, and part of it involves constructing an indoor garden to maintain the health of sod samplses. People from all over the country are being asked to send me grass/sod samples from their yard. I will eventually create a living sculpture with these samples, but until i recieve everyones submission i will have to maintain the samples in my house. I plan on using my basement with artificial light and a large box (or boxes, i may need to have different boxes for sod from different locations) that is constructed in the proper way to keep the soil moist and healthy enough to support sod from many parts of the country.

Here is my problem, I don't know the best way to maintain the sod. Such as what type of soil to use as a base layer, what synthetic products would be good for holding moisture but not trapping it, and so forth. If someone can offer a guide or book or website on indoor gardening that would be helpful. Also, suggestions in the best artificial sunlight would be helpful. This is a very exciting project for me, as participation grows nearer I hope to work with this message board more closely to try and find people to collaborate with. But in the mean time I need to sketch out the cost and labor of mainting the sod.

Thank you in advance.

Benjamin Domanico

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Hi Benjamin,

You might want to contact someone who has grown indoor sod. I did a google with the term: indoor sod
and found this place.

These sites will tell you what different types of sod need for optimal growth.


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