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shade loving and drought resistant???

Today I was walking around the property and found this secluded area that has a long flat area then half way down it has an alcove formed by a few pine trees, I thought it would make a beautiful hideout for my daughter as she gets older (I know that I loved secluded areas when I was around that age)

I would love to be able to plant some flowers or other plants in that area, there is some DG in it but there seems to be alot of good soil, the area seems fairly moist but I am not sure it will stay that way once the temps reach well over 100. I will also be unable to water it much, if at all, since it is a ways away from the house, I think I could reach it if I connected 2-3 hoses together.

It is not totally shaded, some light does trickle through but not much, that being said I was looking at it in the morning, I don't know if it will get more light later in the day.

What kinds of plants do you think could survive there (other than the weeds that are already growing, they seem to be able to grow everywhere)

If I could get that area looking nice then my daughter has a beautiful antique bench that was given to her by her grandfather, It would look beautiful in the hidden alcove under the trees.

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I'm not familiar with southern calif. native wildflowers and groundcovers/shrubs but those are what I'd start with. Sounds like a lovely project. :D

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I quickly did a search of native plants of southern CA and mostly what I get is those that are native to the beach areas or to the mountains, there is so many different micro climates here. I am in desert area, but in a hilly area but not quite considered high desert.

there aren't many flowers that are native to this area, the main native things we have here are big bushes and weeds, lots and lots of weeds.

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Hello, annastasia. Besides dealing with shade and drought, you
have acid soil from the pine needles. that's a tough area.
I went searching in the Sunset Western Garden Book. The only
plant I could find that fit your criteria was heavenly bamboo
(Nandina domestica). It is a shrub with several varieties that grow
from two to eight feet tall. Sunset says “does best with regular water,
but can even compete with tree roots in dry shade.â€

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