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Starman's Quest Daylillies!

I was reading the daylillies topic.. and oh my goodness, at the house where I grew up we had the Starman's Quest daylillies! I was wondering why I haven't seen them anywhere while looking for daylillies recently, are they really rare? I moved into that house when I was 6 until I was 15 and those daylillies were still coming up every year! They were truly beautiful! I'd love to find some. I wonder if that house still has them. I should drive by and look! LOL! Has anyone had any luck finding them?

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Hi Daylily,

It might well be worth going by and asking for some divisions. I found them with a google search at this place for $20.

They have a good rating at Garden Watchdog.

This site has it for less but their rating at Garden Watchdog is poor.

Just do a google for Hemerocallis 'Starman's Quest'. Hope you can get it from the place you grew up.


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