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Lamp for indoor plant growing

Hi. I live in a cold place but would like to start my seeds early indoors this next spring. I have seen these lamps that are suppose to help plants when there is not enough sunlight and warmth. What is the type of bulb used in these lamps. Is it a UV bulb? and for how long should the lamp be on? Thanks!

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Wow! You are getting an early start. Most of us are sweltering in Aug heat and you are already planning for next spring! :)

Type seed starting in the Search the Forum Keyword box and you will find tons of discussion on this topic with pictures of people's seed starting set ups etc.

If you just want to sprout your seeds and grow them to transplant size to move outdoors you don't need any special grow lights. Ordinary fluorescent bulbs in shop light fixtures work just fine. I start about 500 plants under them each winter for planting out in spring.

Lights should be on 16 hrs a day and they should be just a few inches above the plants. The shoplight fixtures usually come with hanging chains. You want them hung so that as the plants grow, the lights can be raised.

I don't think UV is good for plants, they use it to sterilize things. But this is a bit controversial and some people would argue it. But I think usually the grow lights they sell are full-spectrum lights that are supposed to mimic sunlight better. But either way it is not needed.

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This year, I used the shop lights mentioned above with one warm bulb and one cool bulb. Worked fabulously.

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