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Fall Bulb Time....Yikes!

Wow! It's approaching the time to order bulbs for fall planting. :shock:
Anyone out there growing fritillaria elwesii? I think that it's greens and purples would look great with my white and cream daffodils.
The catalogs say that it blooms in April. We often have snow on the ground in April here in the Berkshires. I'm assuming that they just mean that it's an early bloomer. I have a big area just outside the window of my studio that has lots of early spring types (hellebores, daffodils, crocus, etc. that I later overplant with annuals. When I don't feel like working, I can look at it and imagine nice weather. Seems like this fritillaria might fit in. (plus I hear that they're a good repellant for burrowing animals). Any insight about it's growth habits, timing, etc, especially here in zone 4, would be appreciated. Any other suggestions about early spring types is also welcome. (but I'll warn you now, I don't much care for yellow)

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