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"Black" flowers? Easy to grow from seed (in Seatt

Perennial or super-self-seeding is always a bonus!

I am super facinated by "black" flowers. They're just so mysterious and unusual.

I have some "black parrot" tulips, and will be recieving some black peony poppy papaver seeds here soon too... I want to build my arsenal of black flowers before Spring!

Please, tell me about your favorite "black" flowers! I hear that there are black bachelor buttons and cosmos?

(P.S. I really appriciate common and botanical names and links!)



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One of my all-time faves is [url=]Black Pincushion flowers[/url] - Scabiosa atropurpurea 'Ace of Spades' is probably the blackest cultivar.

There are also black african violets and black dahlias.

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There are nearly black iris, so dark purple they are almost black.

Clematis Clematis 'Romantika' is a purple black flowering vine

Dahlia Dahlia 'Arabian Night' has huge maroon-black flowers (dahlias have to be dug up in fall and stored indoors)
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There are black hollyhocks and black morning glories also.
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Black flowers - something new for me.
Thanks, I will collect some more info about them.
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There's a nice book from Timber Press called "Black Plants" with suggestions for all types of gardens. Not only black-flowering plants, but plants with dark foliage as well. Look for it at your library.

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