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hybiscus leaves

My hybiscus is do well but I am noticing some brown spots and something that I cant see is eating on the leaves. Any suggestions?

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I wouldn't worry some insect is just hungry but of course if it denudes it then I'd worry. It is some crappy crawly thing that if you look closely you'll see it and if you squeeze it don't get to close.

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Welcome to the forum, djearley! It's nice to have you with us! :)

Chewing damage to a plant can be caused by a wide variety of different insects, from various kinds of caterpillars to a wide range of beetles and other wee beasties. Even if you can't see the actual pest, it can sometimes be identified from a picture of the damage. [url=]Click here[/url] for instructions about how to post photos on the forum.

Most often, these insects are only active at night, because the birds and other animals that prey on them are asleep during those hours. You can sometimes find the insects by examining the plants after dark with a flashlight. :)

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