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cheap but nice landscaping ornaments?

hi guys,

I'm trying to redesign our backyard. hopefully I could make it look like a decent garden. but I don't have too much budget for it.

do any of you have any suggestions on what affordable but really nice ornaments I could put there?

and do you have any suggestions on books where I could learn about basic landscaping design?

thanks a lot!

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I suggest you visit your nearest public library. They will have a lot of books on landscape design. :)

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What kind of ornaments are you thinking of? I've made a lot of leaves out of cement. A 50lb $5 bag of quickset cement makes at least 1 giant rhubarb leaf and 2 large leaves of hosta or anything else you have that has a good shape/size. They are interesting placed in the garden and if you do it just so they can be used as a bird bath.

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The Helpful Gardener, Scott, has written many articles about [url=]landscape design[/url]. They're on the article side of our website. I suggest reading those for they may give you some inspiration on what to do with your garden. Some of the articles may also have book suggestions.

Good luck!

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Look at some of the fancy garden catalogs for ideas of things you like and then figure out how to make them yourself from things you could find cheap.... There's tons of great ideas out there and lots of on line garden catalogs. [url=,default,sc.html]Here's just one sample[/url]

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It's hard to say without knowing what kind of style you're going for.... :?:

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