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Saving Tulips

We're doing some landscaping and I had to take out a bunch of tulips (I know - horrible time of the year to do it!) to save them from the lawn-mower.

I threw them in my fridge, but what is the best way to save them until mid-summer when they can go to their new home?

Should I plant them somewhere else then dig them up again? or can I leave them in the fridge? Put them in the dirt basement?
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I would have replanted them in a tub somewhere, even if alot too close. Or if I were moving and taking them with me, I would have trimmed the tops and dried the bulbs, then packed them to go.

If I wanted to force a tulip or daffodil for winter blooms, then after the greenery dies out, I would pot it up and put it into my fridge for a few months so I could get it to bloom inside in winter.

I sometimes, dig tulips to use the bed for summer crops, or move them.
Once they have died out, I dig them, wipe the dirt off, and give them some drying time in the shade. Then I simply layer them in boxes and put them in the far corner under my bathroom sink. It seems to work fine. I just don't want them to dry out, nor be too moist.
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