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I Hate Clover

My flowerbeds are being over-run with clover. I thought I conquered it last year, but it's back in Full Force this year. I've actually considered telling everyone it's ground cover :lol: Any help to beat back this beast for good would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Clover is a tough one. But you said you got rid of a lot of it last year. What did you do then? "Nature abhors a vacuum" if you left all that soil bare, then for sure some weed was going to fill it in. Once you get rid of the clover, MULCH HEAVILY to prevent it from coming back.

Also the clover thrives in low-fertility soils. It has the ability to pull nitrogen from the air, so it doesn't care if there's any in the soil. Making sure your soil is very fertile, helps the plants that you want to be there thrive and out compete the clover.

Corn gluten meal is a weed seed suppresser. It won't do anything to the clover that is already there, but if you put it down in August or so, it will keep any weed seeds (or flower seeds!) from sprouting. Then do it again in early spring.

Otherwise, keep pulling! The compensation is that all that pulled clover is wonderful stuff for your compost pile! :)

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Actually honey bees love clover. Get a beehive.

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If you don't mind a couple clovers hangin with your flowers. They can pull up nitrogen with those deep tap roots of theirs. I beleive they're a good cover crop too. Correct me if I'm wrong on that.

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Dutch clover??? Can you plant outside in the summer?

Can you plant ( Atropurpureum) Bronze Dutch Clover outside in the summer? Is get to -40 here in the winter, so I would want to dig it up and bring it in. It seems to have lots of 4 and 5 leaf clovers on it. Really interesting.

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