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Something is eating my tulips

I bought and planted some grown tulips this year. I'm trying very hard to bring our yard and gardens back to life after 5 years of neglect. But something, I'm guessing bunnies, is eating my tulips. So far half of the plants I've put in have been eaten.

How can I stop this?

Oh and they only seem to be going after these new ones not the old ones that are coming up from bulbs planted in the past.

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The main thing you can do about rabbits is fences. It doesn't have to be very tall:

Garden catalogs do sell stuff that supposed to be rabbit repellant, mainly predator urine. Or you can try a garlic and pepper spray to keep them away. But you are probably going to end up with fences!
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If you plant other things bunnies like to eat -- like clover in the lawn, and let other beneficial "weeds" grow, the bunnies will leave *most* of your spring bulbs alone.

In my unfenced front garden, crocuses, being the first to emerge after snowdrops, almost always end up with their first leaves and some flowers munched down, and some of my tulips end up with missing leaf tips, but after that, they prefer the to eat the clover and dandelions and leave the tulips to flower without bothering them.

They don't eat daffodils, so if you surround the tulips with daffodils, they *may* overlook the tulips.

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Yeah i agree with rambow grower ... garlic, pepper are the best rabbit repelltns ... and I'll go one better ... if you also add egg to it, you've got your self a winning repellent. I actually use a rabbit fence and a commercial repellent around my garden. The reason I use a repellent as well is because I have had an poccurance where an animal breached the fence and destroyed my garden ... basically all my hard work was for not. So now I stock up on deer off before the season and spray it one plants every month just in case. I've actually been using this brand repellent and fence combo for a couple yearsand have had really good sucess. To me using deer off just give me some peice of mind ... because I never want to lose my veggies again to a rabbit or deer... or any animal!

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