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Help me grow (keep alive!) Heliotropes this year!

I ADORE the scent of Heliotrope flowers, but I it's one of the plants that I can't seem to keep alive. I'll no doubt try again this year -- maybe I'll buy a packet of seeds... or I won't be able to resist buying at least one live plant once I start visiting garden centers in spring.

... help?

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The seeds take about a month just to sprout, so start them at least 3 months before you want to move them outdoors. They need very well drained soil that is kept moist, but not wet. They are not frost hardy, so you might want to grow them in containers, which will make it easier for you to bring them indoors before the first frost. They may need monthly feeding, especially if in containers.

Here's a pretty good article about growing heliotrope:

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