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Can anyone help with this problem I have with my petunias. They look healthy enough on the outside producing good flowers at the end of the stalks. However, many of the other flowers along the storks are shrivled, brown and crisp, in fact they did not end up opening at all. I have been cutting them off when I can.
Is this normal? or have I either put too many in the basket.
I have fertilized them regularly and kept them well watered. They are mainly in a sunny place aswel.

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How many plants did you put in your basket? The only thing I can think of that might cause that is that they're root bound and unable to take up enough water.

Petunias are pretty easy, as a rule. I've been growing them every year for most of my adult life and never had a problem with them.

The flowers further down on the stems do wither and turn brown when they've finished blooming. Removing them (called deadheading) is the right thing to do.

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My experience with petunias is they start to poop about August. I pot up some in May as they are just too pretty and speak summer deck. I do dead head and cut back, but by now they may be tired. I will cut back stems to 2-3", perhaps not all at once so I still have bloom! And put the pretties you cut in a glass of water on the table. As they are a temporary plant, a jolt of fertilizer may be good.Perhaps something like ozmacote, a timed release one. (not pushing brands, just types). I have no problem planting close for that full petunia look, but do expect to dead head, trim back, water and feed. And enjoy!

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Agree with Susan... petunias do get tired this part of the season. I cut them back and fertilize (I am mostly an organic gardener, but for hanging baskets, I make an exception, it's hard to have great soil biology going on in a little pot that has to be watered all the time). I just use the little fertilizer spikes and push a few in. I'm working on that process now. Usually revives them pretty well.

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