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Starting Sunflowers

So I am starting 5 Sunflower plants just to see what its like, any helping expereance is nice, would it be ok to transplant them into a hourse manuer sawdust dirt mix? Also, I mix hourse manuer, sawdust, and water, and I let it sit in the sun, after that I strain the water out and keep it in a tub, I water all my plants with it, would it be a helpful hand with my sunflower? I heard its best to plant sunflowers in a very organic bed. :?

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From my understanding that is the recommended treatment for growing giant sunflowers. I just throw mine into the regular flower beds around my house (no special treatment) and still get big beautiful sunflowers :)


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I plantes a row a sunflowers, I planted about 36 seeds, and around 18 came up. Didn't spread them out or anything and they grew real well. My tallest hit 9ft. It was a mix of Skyscrapers and Autumn sunflowers so I got yellow and orange sunflowers. The Skyscrapers only had one big yellow bloom and the autumn ones had a bunch of blooms each.

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