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hi, beginner needs some help here!

Hi I am new to flower grardening and I was wondering what flowers you guys thought would be good for me to start with. I plan on using containers outside on my front porch, which can be brought in when it storms. I live in Missouri and I have a good range of shaded and full sun areas on my porch. I'm looking for some flowers that are hardy and easy. I have previously not had good luck with any kind of gardening I really appreciate your input, thanks so much!

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I do a lot of container gardening. For shade or partial shade, I love torenia--it goes all summer with little care. For sun you can always go with the old stand bys (they're stand bys for a reason!) like petunias--try the 'wave' variety, or geraniums. I like snapdragons in pots, too, and they keep blooming into cool weather.

Those are all annuals; I don't usually put perennials in pots, but have grown hostas (shade) and grasses (sun) in pots. Just try whatever interests you--the annuals aren't too expensive and you can have a lot of fun experimenting.

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