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Hardiness zones international

I just discovered Canada has a different zone designation system than the US. (or vice versa? :)). Canadian zone numbers are generally one higher than for the same temp range in the 'States. Crossing the border from 'Pacific Northwest' to 'Lower Mainland,' zone 7 American for example, jumps to Canadian zone 8. The Canadian numbers claim to take account of more than just min. temperature, but the temps look as if they line up anyway, apart from that +1 zone jump.

Then there's some outright misinformation, even on what look like authoritative websites. One I came across declares incredibly that 10 Celsius degrees equal 12.2 Fahrenheit degrees!!
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Re: Hardiness zones international

The U.S. changed the U.S. hardiness zones a couple of years ago, but most people still use the old map, so do the seed companies. The new map created more zones. Sunset magazine has 24 zones for California. I did not know Canada had its own zonal map. I guess zones are relative to who creates them.
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