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Indoor garden

This is my indoor garden (in Alberta so cant plant them outside till end of May). I was sooo anxious to get them outside in the ground but found out we might be moving so everyone's staying in pots so them can come with me! Just upgraded them to bigger pots today :cry: I don't even know if beefsteak tomatoes will do very well in a pot

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Re: Indoor garden

They will do well in pots IF you can give them enough light. Your window isn't likely to do it. You can try putting supplemental light on them (has to be directed lamp from just a few inches away) or maybe you can put them out in the sunshine during the daytime?
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Re: Indoor garden

I remembered a post I made that might be relevant to your situation. :wink:

Subject: How long after germination do hot peppers need light
applestar wrote:If you can put something overhead covered with aluminum foil or mylar and cover the back wall -- I use inside of chip bags for small areas and emergency blankets, summer windshield covers for larger areas -- that will act as reflectors to bounce the light from the bulb down to the seedlings and maximize the available light.

I also like turning the utility lamp into a double-fixture -- you need a socket extender and a Y adapter. I need to do that with the one on top left (actually have the parts -- I need more bulbs)

...yes, that's a foil lasagna pan...

Do you have some spare table lamps?
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