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spoils of the soil :)

I couldn't sleep the other night. At 1am, I found myself in the greenhouse tending to my plants. Pruning, harvesting and general upkeep. Trimmed off the last usable cilantro, the tops are just starting to produce what will be the seeds now. Harvest fresh basil, pak choi , and chives. The next afternoon made a nice stirfry . Nothing beats fresh from the garden! I wish I had started gardening years ago!! Pics below...
Pak choi
Pak choi
Fresh basil...mmmm smells so nice!!
Fresh basil...mmmm smells so nice!!
And the heavenly fresh cilantro
And the heavenly fresh cilantro


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You must live where it is cool. I can only dream about those plants until November comes around and I cannot grow basil at all because of Basil downy mildew.

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nice lookin herbs!
hey imafan have you tried any of the more resistant strains of basil? https://www.johnnyseeds.com/p-9316-eleonora.aspx

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That sounds like fun! If I went OUTSIDE at 1am in the dark with a flashlight, I might be more likely to spot slugs in my garden :lol: -- I would be so distracted by them that I would end up spending the time slug hunting and will be lucky if I bring any harvest in at all..... :>

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