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spring greens

Just a look at some of my spring greens (and reds...lol). Don't judge my weediness, I'll get around to dealing with that soon enough... :oops:

from the foreground - 4 iceberg, 4 red romaine, 4 cabbage, and 4 broccoli. There some green romaine plant just out of the picture to the top. I also grow a bunch of stuff in containers. Like this:


The new goal for this year is to try to manage to keep some lettuce going until I have my own maters, peppers, and cukes. I so rarely get to make a salad that is 100% home grown...

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Re: spring greens

I'm hoping to keep my lone butter crunch plant going to till I get a handful of my cherry tomatoes in to have in a salad.

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Re: spring greens

Looks good. Your weeds are nothing compared to mine. Mine are taking over.
Happy gardening in Hawaii. Gardens are where people grow.

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Re: spring greens

After a week of cool rain the bugs took over from the stress. My dirt lettuce never looks that good.

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