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Well, this is what my garden looks like


this is the best picture i have of it. I can't take a better pic of it cause of snow on the ground. (this picture is a few month old)

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Re: Well, this is what my garden looks like

Looks great my friend! I miss not having snow ;)

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Re: Well, this is what my garden looks like

Weterman, it reminds me of my dad's backyard.

I put 3 fruit trees right in the middle, many years ago. Dad's barbeque was pulled out after awhile but he still had the little concrete slab. The border between the lawn and garden was concrete blocks and we built a big compost bin at one end of "his" garden and I began to show up there with seeds & plants :wink: .

His part of it grew smaller and mine grew larger over the years. He expanded around the corner but then bowed out of the garden when he was in his 80's. I continued there until he moved at age 91.

Bing has a pretty good aerial view of that garden these days. The blocks are gone but there are still 2 fruit trees. The grass the new people planted sure is green along the back fence :) .

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