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BT's 2013 mid season.

Pic of the whole garden, growing well for early August, all things coming on quickly.
garden skunk 013.jpg
This is the brussels, asparagus, strawberrys and the corn. Asparagus is 1st year crowns, I planted 40 of them . All came up and look like they are growing very well
garden skunk 010.jpg
Pic of the beans, peppers and the maters,
garden skunk 009.jpg

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Nice asparagus! I have about 5 so far.. Not what I was expecting but since I sowed them late there's still hope.. And some might come up next year

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Nice garden.

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Very nice. I have a much smaller garden, and right now it is mostly empty except for the weeds. I am waiting for cooler weather to plant.

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Looks soooo nice!

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