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Heirloom Roma Problems?

Below are a few pictures:

First time using this image uploader so if the links are broken, let me know and I will post new ones.

My romas don't seem to be having much of an issue other than some of the older, first sprouted leaves are drying and wrinkling up. First they turn yellow and then start to dry out. I usually just pull them and the plants keep on growing. I started watering more frequently to adjust but I'm concerned about some of what you see in these pictures.

The two pictures labeled "plant 1" and "plant 2" are mostly affecting 1 plant. I see this dark brownish reddish "rash" growing up the stem of the plant. Some of my other plants have this, some others don't, but this one has it the worst. The plant is still growing and is currently 5' tall and so far is producing fruit just fine, however, nothing has matured yet for me to see if the fruit is actually being affected. This is the first time I've grown this variety in brand new soil, so I am not sure if this is normal discoloration or if I have a bad batch of seeds with a bacterial infection.

The last picture labeled "Plant 4" happened to only 2 leaves over about 5 months of growing. This is the biggest blotch of white on the two leaves that I pulled.

Could someone shed some light on here for me and help me figure out what is going on and if it is something I should be concerned with? I am growing other things with the plants like Cilantro, Cucumbers, parsley, and Chives. I have some thyme and bell peppers in the same growing box but they didn't sprout fast enough and didn't get enough light to really get anywhere past a couple of inches.

Thanks in advance!

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